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Who we are...

Welcome to our page! 

We are the Baker family - your partner in investment innovations!

Our family-owned and operated company was initially founded on the belief that as long as you choose the right kind of property, there are plenty of ways to find good returns on your investment as the value of properties generally improves over time. 

In 2019, when we confidently launched our BRRRR service, we embarked on this journey with a clear set of objectives: improve residential properties and create safe luxury rentals for our tenants while helping to provide quality homes to the community.


Having been educated with a Canadian real estate company, Keyspire, our commitment to innovate trendy concepts in real estate investing grew to extensive lengths that allowed us to grow our holdings to 16 residential units across Southwestern Ontario.  


Our commitment to uplift the quality of real estate services in Southwest Ontario became our motivation - to extend our services through creating a variety of passive real estates investment opportunities such as private lending and private equity, wherein we are dedicated to helping clients profit from their real estate assets and investments.

Whether a client has just one property or a portfolio of assets, we provide a custom mix of services that deliver significant, efficient, and measurable returns while enjoying personal service that produces lasting relationships and value to our clients.


- Kelly, Marion, Cam & Kyle

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