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Our Projects

We know the importance of selecting the right investment property to grow your wealth. We look after all steps of the real estate investing process to maximize the ROI of the project. There is quite an art to getting this delicate balance right- and we have been perfecting this service for years and still monitor industry and market trends to ensure we are doing the best for our investors.


Take a look at a few of our past BRRRR projects to give you an idea on how we do it.



104 Norwich Woodstock, ON

Purchase Price: $435,000

Renovations: $16,000

After Repair Value: $480,000

Return of Capital: $36,000

Monthly Cashflow: $500


1013 Nellis

Purchase Price $225,500

Renovations $10,000

After Repair Value: $310,000


Return of Capital 67,600

Monthly Cashflow: $250 

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251 Raglan St. Woodstock, ON.

Purchase Price $365,000

Renovations $75,000

After Repair Value $700,000

Increase to Gross Rental Income: $2005

Capital Returned $268,000

Current Monthly Cashflow $1250